Since we travel a lot we learnt to love a lot of cuisines from all around the globe, but our heart beats a little extra for Mexican and Japanese food.

Taquero/Chef Andreas from Västerås Sweden, lived on Svalbard since 2012. Taquera Therese from Stockholm Sweden, lived on Svalbard since 2018. When we started dreaming about authentic Mexican tacos.. we couldn’t not do it. The choice fell on Mexican/South american food, mostly focused on tacos in different shapes.

We brought our lovely little food truck, Tio Moncho’s to this hostile climate 78 degrees North since we could’t wait for an available facility for a restaurant.

“And it is kind of cool to own The World’s Northenmost Food Truck™.”

Tio moncho’s are a super-small company with lots of support from friends and family from all over the world, amongst them -Uncle Ramon and Tiina.

We love amazing food in beautiful settings, and so far that is the way we want to serve our customers! We will try to grow slow, but we have really big plans for the future!

Warm warm welcome to us!
Tio Moncho’s
//Andreas & Therese

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